Virtual Girl Friday believes that behind any successful business (or startup company) lies an efficient and hardworking assistant.

These days, with ever evolving cloud-based technology and economical outsourcing, small businesses don’t need a conventional office setup. Forget full time salaries and employee benefits; it’s far more cost-effective, environmentally friendly and beneficial to work with a virtual assistant.

Virtual Girl Friday specialises in cutting-edge online administration solutions – letting you outsource your essential responsibilities to a professional and focus on your ultimate revenue potential. 

Whether it’s managing your social media, manipulating bucket loads of data or creating that awe-inspiring presentation, we have the experience to make your business succeed. We’ll dot the i’s and cross the t’s, and assist your business as if we’re right there in your office.


Who is Virtual Girl Friday?

Meet the girl behind the scenes..

fleur hooper owner virtual girl fridayVirtual Girl Friday’s owner Fleur draws on more than 15 years of experience in the administrative field. Originally from New Zealand, she began her career in Australia in banking and financial planning. She moved to London and gained a wealth of experience working on projects in the corporate and investment banking industry. Upon her return, she took a coveted position with the Australian government for an anti-corruption agency where she was cleared with a Highly Protected Security Clearance.

Fleur believes that a truly successful business begins with awesome administration. She credits her skills and experience working for some of the world’s biggest companies in two parts: she’s a detail-oriented perfectionist, but also a hopeless tech-geek. Fleur’s the girl who can nerd-out for hours perfecting a Keynote presentation and then get it to your client in Dubai for a six-man Google hangout.

Virtual Girl Friday was launched in 2013, a long-term passion project. Fleur noticed a gradually shifting trend in the marketplace – a growing demand for outsourced digital administration. She designed Virtual Girl Friday to be the temp that everybody wants to have around the office, but few ever are lucky enough to receive.

Fleur lives in Melbourne with her partner Chris and rescue cat Hinchley. She’s a passionate vegetarian, a perfume connoisseur, and has an unhealthy addiction to anything Apple.

Connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and check out her professional profile Linkedin.