How a Virtual Personal Assistant Can Help Grow your Business

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When you own a business, having your very own virtual personal assistant can be a life saver. 

VPA’s (Virtual Personal Assistant) handle small issues with your existing book-of-business, they can also deal with replying to your emails and even answering your phones.

Every small business owner in Australia wants to expand their business, earn more revenues, reduce their operational costs, and ultimately increase their profits and their own take-home pay. 

But if you hire a virtual personal assistant, the costs associated with hiring the right professional, housing the professional in the office, and training the new hire can take away from your profits for the entire year before your office gets more efficient.

Many small business owners who want to grow their businesses without watching their operational budget grow are choosing virtual assistants. Read on and find out why choosing a virtual assistant over a traditional employee may be the right option for you.

Virtual Employees vs. Traditional Employees

One big differences between a virtual assistant and a traditional employee is that you do not pay the prior for their assistance when they are not completing a task. Almost everyone has worked for someone else at some point in time. When traditional employees work in an office atmosphere with access to a computer and a phone, it is common for the employee to do things they should not be doing while they are “on the clock”.

If you do not have enough work for the week to keep your virtual assistant busy, you will only pay pay for the time spent on specific tasks. This means that you can reduce the salary expense that you report on your financial reports each year and also have the tasks done in an efficient manner. You are not required to give your virtual assistant a consistent 40 hours of work per week. This flexibility helps business owners, especially in slow seasons where customers do not call or conduct business.

No Training vs. Training

A virtual assistant knows your business. They can bring the knowledge they already have to the plate and contribute to make processes in your business more efficient than they already are. One of the biggest expenses you must cover for a new hire involves training. If you hire an individual with experience, you still need to take time to train the employee about office policies, rules, and how to use equipment in the office.

If you have another sales employee train the new hire, you are paying the sales professional to be a trainer and taking away from the sales the office will close for the week or even the month. When you hire a virtual assistant, the professional does not need any training. Your sales professionals can focus on what they need to do to meet office goals, grow the business, and keep your customers satisfied.

You can keep your office efficient, reduce the investment you make into training, and still have all of the projects and tasks done that you need done for the season, the week, or the year.

Working Remotely vs. Working In Your Office

Working remotely is a cost saver. When you hire a traditional employee to act as your assistant, you need to find a space in the office for this assistant to sit. If you have a very small office space, fitting another employee into the space can be extremely difficult. The assistant might start taking up space that has been allotted for you or for your customer services and sales specialists.

The last thing you want is your employees walking over each other because you cannot afford to upgrade to a larger office suite. And if you are trying to grow your sales revenue, you know that leasing a larger office simply is not an option right now. If you hire a virtual assistant, the assistant works remotely and uses technology to stay in touch with you. Not only do you not have to invest in a new desk, new computer equipment, and more phones for your office, you do not have to worry about where your assistant will sit while everyone is in the office at the same time.

One of the biggest compromises business owners must make when they are deciding whether or not personal assistants are worth the investment has to do with money and space. When you hire a virtual assist, money and space is not an issue.

Employer Taxes vs. Independent Contracting

If you do your own bookkeeping for your current payroll, you know how much time it takes to calculate time off, payroll taxes, and then file your employer taxes during tax season.

If you hire a professional accountant to do all of this, you may have to pay a higher fee just to get the accountant to calculate the taxes and cut a payroll check for your new employee. If you do it yourself, think about how much your time is worth by the hour. Then, consider how much time you will spend on processing payroll per pay period. You can see just how much money you are spending on handling the social security tax deductions, the workers compensation deductions, and unemployment tax deductions. A virtual assistant is an independent contractor.

This means that you pay the contractor the entire amount of their hourly pay per project or by the week. It is up to the contractor to file their taxes and pay the taxes directly to the government on their own. When this happens, you can spend more time focusing on your business and your business expansion instead of processing payroll, deducting taxes, and filing employer payroll taxes.

Vacation and Sick Time vs. No Paid Time Off

Employees who are looking for a job as a personal assistant are looking for jobs that offer benefits. These benefits include vacation time and paid sick time. If you have to pay the employee when they are not in the office, you are paying an expense and receiving nothing in return. An independent contractor understands that in exchange for working remotely, they will not receive these benefits.

If you successfully want to reduce your overhead costs and expand your business, the best way to do this is to hire a virtual assistant who works remotely. Not only will all of the tasks and project you do not have time to complete be done in a timely manner, you can also keep the expenses down so that the money you are saving can go towards your expansion efforts.

If this article has provided you with the inspiration to dig deeper into the possibilities that lie ahead for your business with virtual assistance, then we are only too happy to discuss those options with you.

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