What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant (VA for short) is a self-employed individual who works remotely to provide professional assistance to clients.

What can a Virtual Assistant do?

Let’s flip this one on its head and ask, “What can’t a Virtual Assistant do?”

Pretty much the only thing a Virtual Assistant can’t do is make you a mid morning latte. We are looking into this one so stay tuned…

Thanks to the wonders of cloud-based technologies like Dropbox, a Virtual Assistant can complete the majority of tasks your on-site admin assistant would perform.

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What are the benefits of working with a Virtual Assistant?

When you work with a Virtual Assistant, you are bound to save money. Virtual Assistant’s are independent consultants rather than employees, therefore you lower your operational costs and boost productivity.

    • No employee-related taxes, insurance, or benefits
    • No logistical issues providing office space, equipment or supplies;
    • No paying for unproductive work time

You can sleep easy knowing that you’re dealing with an extremely professional service by experienced individuals who are passionate about their business and servicing their clients.

Our aim is for Virtual Girl Friday to become an extended part of your business – so it’s like we are right there in your office.

How does it work?

You contact us via one of the contact methods on our website – we’ll get back to you within 24 hours (normally quicker). We discuss your needs; agree on the cost and timeframe.

If you wish to proceed we ask you to sign a Service Agreement that sets out the details, along with our Terms and Conditions. We complete the work in super fast time and get it back to you ready for that all-important deadline. Too easy…

What hours do you work?

Our business hours are Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 17:30pm.

If required, work outside normal business hours is negotiable.

Do you work public holidays?

Yes we do. We realise that not all Australian states and international businesses have the same public holidays so Virtual Girl Friday is here to take care of your business while you have some well-deserved time off.

The exception to the rule is Christmas, Boxing & New Years day. We will let you know well in advance if there is going to be any interruptions to our service and will organise cover to keep everything ticking along nicely.

How do we share documents and information?

It goes without saying that we love technology, without it – we wouldn’t be in business. Every day there seems to be a new tool launching on the market. But here are some of our favourites:

      • Dropbox & Google Drive for file sharing
      • Google Apps & Outlook for email calendar and contacts
      • Skype & Google Voice for chatting
      • Basecamp for project management
      • Freshbooks for time tracking and invoicing


Are my business details safe?

Virtual Girl Friday takes your privacy very seriously. We ensure that your personal details and sensitive information is kept strictly confidential. A clause outlining how we deal with this is included in our Service Agreement that is signed by both parties prior to the commencement of work. If you would like us to sign a confidentiality agreement, we’re happy to do that too.

How do we communicate?

Communicating is a breeze. You decide your preferred way to communicate when you become a client and we’ll run with that. You might want to send a quick update throughout the day via G-Chat or receive a daily email update. Let’s not forget the good old phone for a chat too.

How would you manage my inbox?

Managing your inbox is easy. Whether your email setup is cloud or desktop based we have various ways to access your data (with your approval of course!) We login throughout the day and manage away – as any EA or PA would normally do.

How can you check my snail mail?

Sure. Mail is redirected to our PO Box, we then pick up and sort through your mail bag and email any important documents to you.
If you really need the originals we can forward them via snail mail (or shred them on your behalf)
We can send and receive all faxes on your behalf too – ask us how.

Do you have minimum hours?

Time is charged in 15-minute increments (minimum of one hour)

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How often do you invoice?

We use an online invoicing solution that enables us to send your invoice via email upon completion of work – or fortnightly – whatever comes first.
Payment terms are strictly 7 days.

How do you pay Virtual Girl Friday?

Invoices are payable by:

      • Direct deposit (most popular)
      • PayPal (incurs a fee at both ends)
      • Credit card (via Paypal)

Don’t stress – all the details you need to pay will be on your invoice.

Haven’t answered your question?

No problem – contact us here and we’ll get back to ASAP.
Like to chat? Call us at 1300 734 009 and ask away.